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Look over these reconstructive surgery FAQs for Santa Monica patients to find out more about what the process involves. Reconstructive surgery has helped millions live normal lives after congenital deformities, illnesses, and traumatic injuries. These answers can help you feel more prepared for your reconstructive surgery procedure.
Reconstructive surgery refers to the repair or modification of damaged, malformed, or surgically removed parts of the body. Physical deformities or defects can be a source of great distress and can impact daily life. These procedures address these issues effectively and can help patients live normal lives.
While reconstructive surgery can be done on virtually any part of the body, one of the most common areas of concern is the face. Facial reconstructive surgery refers to repairing aspects of the patient’s face, including complex facial features. Examples include scar revision and correcting genetic defects like a cleft lip or palate.
The processes involved with reconstructive surgery can vary greatly depending on the defect that needs correction and its severity. There are multiple techniques available to suit different deformities and injuries. Among these are simple linear repairs, which involve using sutures that result in a thin straight line. Another option is the use of local flaps, which are sections of skin adjacent to the damaged area. This skin covers the defect, restoring a more natural look to the area. If this is not possible, interpolation flaps may be used. This method takes skin from donor areas and attaches it to the target area using sutures. If none of those options are viable, a skin graft may be performed. These grafts are taken from hidden areas of the patient’s body like behind their ears. The graft will then be sutured over the defect to allow skin tissue to form over it, along with blood vessels. These procedures can be performed without general anesthesia, which helps speed up recovery. This also allows for an easier and more comfortable recovery process.
Reconstructive surgery can help patients achieve a healthier mental state since they no longer have to deal with the stress and anxiety caused by the damage or defect. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of a body part due to an injury, a congenital defect, or an illness, this option may be right for you.
There are several factors that can affect how much reconstructive surgery will cost. These can include the method used, where the defect is located, and additional treatments that might be needed. The price of reconstructive surgery is often covered by health insurance providers.
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