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Lip Enhancement Santa Monica

Fuller more youthful appearing lips are a goal of many patients. In the past we have achieved this by injecting “filler substances” such as collagen, fat or Restalyne into the lips to plump them up. While this generally works very well it is only a temporary solution, and requires a repeat procedure every six to eight months and may occasionally result in small lumps.

Over the past few years we have perfected a technique of enhancing lips with the latest soft implants. These are designed to allow your own tissue to grow into them so they become incorporated into your own body tissues, giving the most natural look and feel possible. What is more once the procedure is done it never has to be repeated as a permanent correction is achieved!

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes and is done with local anesthetic. There is some swelling for up to one week, but very little if any pain. Based on the results we have been able to consistently achieve we believe this is far and away the best method for lip enhancement for most patients.

Before & After Photos

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