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Laser Resurfacing Santa Monica

The effects of time and sun exposure can often be seen in the skin of the face. CO2 laser resurfacing is without question the most effective way to rejuvenate the skin, while at the same time achieving a significant level of skin tightening. The results can take over ten years off your appearance.

By adjusting various parameters on the laser settings Dr Massey has perfected a technique that allows him to blend the treated areas into the surrounding skin of the neck, the earlobes and into the hairline so avoiding any “cut off” lines that may otherwise make the treated area stand out.

Laser resurfacing can also be used to erase old acne scars on the face and even improve the appearance of old surgical scars.

While teaching at Columbia University, Dr Massey published one of the first studies showing the potential benefit of laser resurfacing in lowering the risk of skin cancer in selected patients. Separate from its cosmetic benefits, resurfacing is now becoming better recognized as a potential method for skin cancer prophylaxis.

Using a computerized CO2 laser Dr. Massey is able to individualize the treatment to the needs of each patient and each area of the face. As soon as one week after the procedure a new, tighter, healthier and rejuvenated skin will emerge!”

Before & After Photos

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