Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Massey

Treatment Philosophy

Dr Massey’s goal is to offer the highest level of medical care possible while keep his patients as informed and comfortable as possible. He believes in minimizing the risks of any procedure, (by avoiding unnecessary general anesthesia for example), while maximizing patient result with the latest techniques in skin cancer, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

While he continues to teach he also continues to study, keeping himself up to date on all the latest treatment options.

Dr Massey has developed a select circle of colleagues, each expert and respected within their own field. This way, patients can be guided through a multidisciplinary approach when needed, and referred to the appropriate specialist and sub specialist in a coordinated fashion.

He partners with his patients, giving them all the information they need to understand what is being done and why, before, during and after any procedure. A well informed doctor is a good thing, a well informed doctor and patient is even better!


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