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Liposuction Santa Monica

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What is Tumescent Liposuction?

Until recently, procedures for body contouring through fat removal involved extensive operations. These resulted in large scars and significant safety risks. Several years ago, dermatologists developed tumescent liposuction. This allows fat removal through tiny incisions that do not leave significantly visible scars. A large volume of extremely dilute local anesthetic is infiltrated into the area to be treated. Then utilizing straw like, extremely thin metal tubes (cannulas) and a high-pressure suction system, the fat cells are extracted through tiny incisions.

Is Tumescent Liposuction Safe?

Yes, very safe. For Dr. Massey safety is the first priority with any surgery. He has personally performed hundreds of liposuction surgeries, and none of his patients has had any type of serious complication. Indeed in a recent study of over 15,000 patients treated with tumescent liposuction there was not a single serious complication. Furthermore, the Cosmetic Surgery Center of Santa Monica is a federally certified surgical center, adhering to the highest possible safety standards and using only the latest state-of-the-art equipment.

Is Tumescent Liposuction Painful?

No. Dr. Massey has perfected a technique of tumescent local anesthesia combined with minimal, carefully controlled sedation. With his technique patients are awake, listening to their favorite CD or talking with us throughout the procedure. This method has allowed us to optimize patient safety by avoiding the risks associated with general anesthesia, while keeping our patients totally comfortable. A further benefit is that our patients can freely move from side to side for us during the procedure and even stand up just before we do our final fine-tuning at the end of the procedure.

Power Liposuction

Power Liposuction is the latest advance in Tumescent Liposuction technology. It uses all the same principles of traditional tumescent liposuction but adds an oscillating or vibrating motion to the liposuction cannula. This gives a great mechanical advantage when treating particularly tough or fibrous areas such as the back or male chests while maintaining an excellent safety profile. The Cosmetic Surgery Center of Santa Monica is please to be one of the first centers able to offer this new technology to their patients.

Laser and Ultrasonic Liposuction

We have studied these systems carefully, but unfortunately, so far there is no good evidence that either laser assisted or ultra sonic liposuction affords any true benefit to patients. However they may carry an increased risk in the form of skin burns. As such we do not recommend these procedures at present, but will continue to track the evolution of the technology, with the hope that better systems will be developed that allow for some real benefit and minimal risk.

Is Liposuction a Substitute for Weight Loss?

No. This technique is not meant for weight reduction or for the correction of generalized obesity. However, tumescent liposuction is a wonderful way to get rid of stubborn fatty areas and improve the overall contour of your body.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Liposuction?

The best candidates have distinct areas that are out of proportion with the rest of their body and are in good general health.

Are Men Good Candidates for Liposuction?

Yes. In general men do very well with tumescent liposuction. They usually have good skin tone with well-defined localized areas that need treatment. As men tend to have a thicker dermis (the undersurface of the skin) and a more fibrous fatty layer, liposuction can be a little more difficult to perform. However, for the same reasons, in experienced hands men often get the best results of all. While experience is important for all cosmetic surgery this is particularly true for liposuction in men where a different set of cannulas and a modified technique is needed to optimize results. Areas that we commonly treat in men include the neck and jowls, chest, abdomen and love handles.

What Areas can be Treated with Liposuction?

In men the most common areas we treat are the neck and jowls, or a second chin, the chest, abdomen and love-handles. In women the neck, abdomen, waist, hips and thighs tend to be the main areas of concern although upper arms, buttocks, knees and even ankles are also treated.

To learn more about liposuction, please visit our website dedicated to liposuction.

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