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Not So Useful After All

Sentinel node biopsy is a procedure often used in assessing the risk posed by a melanoma. It is a method of surgically sampling the lymph nodes that the melanoma would most likely go to if it has spread. It has generally been believed that the information gained by this procedure could give the most accurate […]

Cover Up!

A study of the UV protection afforded by regular clothing showed that in general clothing gives better broad spectrum protection than sunscreen. You still need your sunscreen, especially for your face, but remember the easiest and often best way to protect you body and limbs is to simply cover up. Article Citation: Journal of the […]

Good News Bad News about Melanoma Incidence

A research letter published in JAMA Dermatology suggested that younger patients have got the message! The rate of melanoma over the 10-year study period decreased significantly among younger white adults (men age < 45 years and women age < 35 years). Its seems that the better behavior previously observed in this cohort with regards to […]

Skin Cancer History Linked to Reduced Melanoma Mortality.

The results of this study of white male healthcare professionals found a surprising result. As expected those with a history of keratinocytic cancer (basal cell or squamous cell cancer) had a greater risk of developing melanoma. However the statistical analysis of those patients who had died from melanoma vs those who had melanoma but had […]

Keep it Local, Keep it Safe

A meta-analysis of over 40 studies involving almost 20,000 patients confirmed what we already know. If you have a choice, avoid general anesthesia and stick with local. They found that general anesthesia was associated with many potential risks, including life threatening risks that could be avoided with the use local anesthesia. As a side benefit […]

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