Marriage just may save you from having a more advanced melanoma! A study from the University of Pennsylvania looked back at the marital status of over 50,000 patients diagnosed with melanoma. Married patients were more likely to be diagnosed with an earlier rather than latter stage of melanoma compared to none married patients. Earlier stages of melanoma have a higher cure rate and so it may be that being married is saving lives! The lowest risk for having a more advanced melanoma at diagnosis was for married patients, next, never married then divorced and highest risk was “never married”. The obvious thought would be having someone see your skin ever day will increase the likely-hood of a suspicious lesion being noticed, but it may also be that a concerned spouse is pushing reluctant patients to seek care earlier. Married or not, check your skin regularly and have any changing moles examined.


Association of Marital Status With T Stage at Presentation and Management of Early-Stage Melanoma
Cimarron E. Sharon, BS1; Andrew J. Sinnamon, MD1; Michael E. Ming, MD, MSCE2; et alEmily Y. Chu, MD,
JAMA Dermatol. Published online April 18, 2018.