A study from from the CDC in Atlanta examined the prevalence of sun protection use and sunburn in a 31,162 U.S. adults in 2015.

The researchers found that 34.2 % of participants experienced sunburn in 2015. The prevalence was higher among younger age groups with 51.2 % of those aged 18 to 29 years experiencing a sunburn that year.

We know that sunburns are a significant risk factor for subsequent skin cancers. As dermatologist we are clearly not doing a good enough job getting the message out. We need to better educate our youth about the risks of “unprotected sun”. Its not just to pain a discomfort of the burn itself you want to avoid but the increased risk of a skin cancer in your future.

Start educating your kids early and be a good role model with your own sun protective practices.

Article Citation:

Prevalence of Sun Protection Use and Sunburn and Association of Demographic and
Behaviorial Characteristics With Sunburn Among US Adults
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