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Protect your Children from Sunburns

The association between sun exposure and skin cancer has become more widely understood over the years as studies and research continue to be done. In a recent cohort study, the long-term risk of developing skin cancer as a result of sunburns has been confirmed. The study used information gathered between 1991 to 2007 through a […]

How Alcohol Consumption May Increase Your Risk of Melanoma

The link between alcohol consumption and an increased risk of melanoma can be attributed to multiple factors according to recent studies. While other studies have indicated that alcohol consumption increases the risk of sunburn due to ineffective sunscreen application and prolonged sun exposure, Dermatologist Dr. Niyati Sharma has noted that a German study has also […]

Mohs proves itself better again, even in Desmoplastic Melanoma!

  Mohs surgery is a procedure used to treat skin cancer. This surgery removes a narrow margin of normal looking skin beyond the obvious tumor. This tissue is processed in such a way that all of the outer margin and underside can be examined under the microscope. If residual cancer is seen reaching the outer […]

Regular skin cancer screening exams can make a real difference.

Patients with a strong family history of melanoma may have germline mutations that put them at high risk for melanoma themselves. A study of these high-risk patients found that regular skin cancer screening exams and education lead to detection of melanoma at a significantly earlier stage than the melanomas detected without regular skin cancer screening. […]

Could Statin Drugs decrease the risk of Metastatic Melanoma?

Statin drugs are amongst the most commonly prescribed medications in America. Their primary role is in lowering high lipid levels to mitigate against the increased risk of heart disease associated with high lipids. However these same medications can have many other effects. A recent study shows that in the laboratory melanoma cells that show genetic […]

Risk of Invasive Skin Cancer

It is well recognized that having one basal cell cancer means that you probably have a 50% chance of one day developing a second basal cell cancer. However the risk of future invasive skin cancer in patients with only squamous cell cancer in situ (the earliest stage of skin cancer) was not clear. Now a […]

Simple antihistamines and melanoma.

Previous studies have shown that the same antihistamines have survival benefits in breast cancer. Now we see the same thing concerning malignant melanoma. However, more research is required to confirm the results,” emphasises Professor Håkan Olsson. He is one of the researchers behind the study, which was recently published in the research journal, Allergy. We […]

Good News at last!

Melanoma can be a deadly disease. And for many years, apart from surgically removing the tumor, there was little else medicine had to offer if the cancer had spread to other organs. In fact melanoma mortality rates increased by 7.5 percent from 1986 to 2013. However, now there is a whole new armamentarium at the […]

Sexual Orientation and risk of Skin Cancer

A recent study looked at the prevalence of skin cancer in 845 264 participants and the relative risk of skin cancer based on sexual orientation. They found that gay and bisexual men had a higher prevalence of skin cancer compared to heterosexual men. The reasons are not elucidated by this study but could be related to […]

Melanoma: Its mainly about U.V exposure, (but not always).

We know that ultra-violet radiation (UV) is a carcinogen and that sun exposure or indoor tanning are risk factors for melanoma. However we also know that not all melanomas are due to UV exposure. In a recent study from the American Cancer Society investigators tried to qualify the amount of melanoma that is related to […]

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