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Melanoma, Skin Cancer Screenings, and Early Detection

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer by a wide margin. There is a variety of different types of skin cancers that someone may develop at some point in their life. One of the most concerning types of skin cancer is melanoma. Like other forms of cancer, melanoma forms when the cells in […]

Regular skin cancer screening exams can make a real difference.

Patients with a strong family history of melanoma may have germline mutations that put them at high risk for melanoma themselves. A study of these high-risk patients found that regular skin cancer screening exams and education lead to detection of melanoma at a significantly earlier stage than the melanomas detected without regular skin cancer screening. […]

Melanomas are not always dark

Most people would be concerned about a mole that became very dark. Any we know that the vast majority of melanomas are pigmented, that is they look black, brown or maybe dark blue and often more than one shade or color. However “amelanotic” melanomas are uncommon form of melanomas that have no pigmentation. They may […]

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