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Melanoma Rates Still Rising in California

A new study from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology has confirmed that the rates of melanoma are still on the rise among white Californians. All the more reason to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun, check your own skin routinely and have an annual skin cancer screening exam. Title of article: “Continued […]

Thin Melanomas – Age Matters!

A new study suggests that in young patients with thin melanomas (0.5 -1mm depth) there may be an approximately 5% risk of lymph nodes being involved. As such, even though present guidelines do not recommend it, in young patients with melanomas between 0.5 and 1mm sentinel node biopsy may be considered. Association Between Patient Age […]

Mohs wins out again

Recent published study confirms Mohs micrographic surgery as the patients treatment of choice even for superficial skin cancers. Patients in the study preferred Mohs surgery not only because it gave a better long term cure rate but it was seen as a much more tolerable procedure compared to the alternative treatments. Link to abstract:https://insights.ovid.com/crossref?an=00042728-900000000-99021   […]

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